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European Union Health and Consumers


Karen Hulebak discusses food safety and production


The Advisory Committee on Foodstuffs

Is a body established in 1975 to advise the European Commission on problems and issues associated with the harmonization of national laws on foodstuffs, its membership being composed of representatives from agriculture, industry and consumer associations?


The Advisory Committee on Safety, Hygiene and Health Protection at Work is a consultative body established in 1974, with a general remit to consider problems and improvements across the field of industrial safety and health. Its membership is drawn from experts and professionals in the area of industrial safety. It has assisted the European Commission in the preparation of draft legislation for all industrial sectors, other than those controlled by the European Coal and Steel Community, where there is a separate health and safety apparatus. Several of the Committee’s recommendations were incorporated into the second Action Programme on Safety and Health at Work adopted by the European Communities in 1984. The implementation of the Single European Act strengthened its role because legislation on health and safety no longer required unanimous approval within the Council of Ministers (see Council of the European Union). (See also Health and Safety; European Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances; Mines Safety and Health Commission; Social Action

Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health

The Advisory Group ensures that the Commission's policies on food and feed safety take account of the views and needs of the people they are meant to serve - consumers, farmers, the food industry and retailers.

It provides the European Commission with guidance on:

$1§  labelling and presentation of food and feed

$1§  food and feed safety

$1§  human nutrition in relation to food legislation

$1§  animal health and welfare and plant health .


$1§  Discussion of general policy issues at twice-yearly plenary sessions

$1§  Consideration of more technical issues in ad hoc working groups, to which representatives of non-member organisations may also be invited.


45 stakeholder organisations representing farmers, the food industry, retailers and consumer organisations

Advisory Group members

Statutes & procedures

$1§  Decision creating Advisory Group - 2004

$1§  Decision on the members of the Advisory Group - 2011

$1§  Background paper on Advisory Group and food-safety stakeholder consultation

$1§  Advisory Group's rules of procedure  

Agendas and minutes


$1§  16 March 2012:Agenda-Summary Record

$1§  14 November 2011:Agenda-Summary Record

$1§  14 March 2011:Agenda-Summary Record

$1§  08 November 2010:Agenda-Summary Record

$1§  26 March 2010:Agenda-Summary Record

$1§  Previous plenaries:

$1§  04 December 2009:Agenda-Summary Record

$1§  29 May 2009:Agenda-Summary Record

$1§  19 December 2008:Agenda-Summary Record

$1§  14 November 2008:Agenda-Summary Record(special plenary on animal cloning)

$1§  7 March 2008:Agenda-Summary Record

Working Groups

$1§  Agendas & Summary Records 2012

$1§  Previous working group agendas & records

$1§  Agendas & Summary Records 2011

$1§  Agendas & Summary Records 2010

$1§  Agendas & Summary Records 2009


$1§  Other stakeholder groups



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